Sunflower expeller

The sunflower expeller produced by HM OOD (also known as sunflower cake) is biologically and economically useful source of protein. It is a widely preferred ingredient in feed mixtures. The sunflower expeller is characterized with high protein concentration, optimum fiber content and oil.

The sunflower expeller is a by-product in the production of crude / unrefined / sunflower oil.

Product Details:

  • Protein - 15 - 50%;
  • Fat - 6 - 14%;
  • Minerals - 6-7%.


  • Concentrated feed for farm animals;
  • Suitable for further extraction.
нерафинирано олио
sunflower oil
unrefined sunflower oil see more
кюспе от слънчогледови люспи
powder / expeller
sunflower expeller see more