Sunflower expeller

The sunflower expeller produced by HM OOD (also known as sunflower cake) is biologically and economically useful source of protein. It is a widely preferred ingredient in feed mixtures. The sunflower expeller is characterized with high protein concentration, optimum fiber content and oil.

The sunflower expeller is a by-product in the production of crude / unrefined / sunflower oil.

Product Details:

  • Protein - 15 - 50%;
  • Fat - 6 - 14%;
  • Minerals - 6-7%.


  • Concentrated feed for farm animals;
  • Suitable for further extraction.
наливно рафинирано олио
sunflower oil
refined and raw sunflower oil see more
нерафинирано олио
sunflower oil
unrefined sunflower oil see more
рафинирано олио
sunflower oil
bottled refined sunflower oil see more
екобрикети от слънчоглед
product of sunflower husk
Eco-briquettes see more
кюспе от слънчогледови люспи
powder / expeller
sunflower expeller see more
пелети за отопление от слънчоглед
pellets for heating see more