The production workshop of "HM" OOD includes an oil extraction workshop, a raw material storage warehouse, a warehouse for the primary storage of expeller.


The 7,000 sq. m2 warehouse was built at 20th Severna Street in early 2010, where our main office and weighbridge are conveniently located. It is comprised of two main areas specifically designed for storage and transport of sunflower oilseed. Our production capacity is 450-500 tons of sunflower seeds and 3,000 tons of refined oil per year. Our main production staff consists of about 20 people.


The company is certified by ISO 90001: 2000 and the HACCP system for food safety and quality as per the International Organization for Standardization. A certificate has been issued by DFSD (District Food Safety Directorate) with registration N: 5030007 for extraction, refining and bottling of vegetable oils.


The production of unrefined crude oil is carried out by pressing the oilseeds and obtaining crude / unrefined / oil and pomace/expeller/.

почистване на семена
Cleaning of

Seed cleaning is performed using a combination of compressed air and a system of sieves of varying sizes - this process is carried out by our cutting-edge cleaning machine.

почистване на семена

Process involves a single stroke on a metal surface with combination of a flaking aggregate, an aspiration system and a steel frame. This process is carried out by our specified machines.

почистване на семена

The heat-moisture processing is essential for the oil production. The essence of this process is captured by the simultaneous dynamics of the water and high temperature levels of the compressed sunflower product. The treatment is carried out in specially designed containers with continuous action using horizontal rotors.

почистване на семена
Shredding of

Pressing is performed by exerting high pressure over the milled material into solid screen surfaces in order to extract the maximum amount of oil. The extraction of the oil takes place in screw presses. The extracted material is crude / unrefined / oil and expeller (oilcake). The oil then flows through a system of pipes and pumps and is stored in tanks to be transported for storage in a warehouse.


Raw sunflower oil is stored in clean sealed containers, with a stable shelf life of maximum 6 months from production date. Refined sunflower oil is also stored in clean and hermetically sealed containers – shelf life of refined sunflower oil is one year from the production date.

The transportation of refined oil is carried out in customers’ tanks and lorries. The transport company must have obtained a licence from the Food Safety Agency and must be authorised to transport bulk sunflower oil for food purposes – evidence to be presented at the point of purchase from HM Ltd.


1. Input control over the raw materials is performed by a relevant authorized person.
Quality indicators - moisture, impurities and fat content - are constantly reviewed. Mycological toxic analysis is also conducted to detect the presence of aphla-toxins and pesticides.

2. Crude / unrefined sunflower oils are:
- inspected for level of acidity and lees or sludge;
- intended for further processing - refining.

3. Refined oil
Refined sunflower oil is obtained by mechanical and chemical purification of the crude / unrefined oil.
The manufacturing department of "HM" Ltd produces premium refined sunflower oil with the best quality indicators. At each stage of the process of refining, the quality of the finished product is monitored and controlled. Certificate of analysis and quality of the oil refined by the company is issued for each batch.