полезни факти за слънчогледовото олио

Sunflower oil is most commonly used in the culinary industry. Its main advantage over olive oil is that its boiling temperature is higher. It also has an universal application - it can be used for baking, frying, salad dressing, etc. It is also scientifically proven that absorption of most types of vegetables is better if they are seasoned with the specified fats contained in sunflower oil.

достойнствата на слънчогледовите мазнини
The merits of sunflower fats

Sunflower oil is practically everywhere and whether we want it or not, we consume it – in restaurants, at a friend’s house or even as part of ready meals. This is because sunflower oil is relatively cheap and has now become an essential ingredient of our national cuisine. To the question: "Is it so scary to replace it with olive oil?" I answer immediately: "No, as long as it is not the only source of fat in the diet from which we get essential fatty acids!"