Sunflower oil is most commonly used in the culinary industry. Its main advantage over olive oil is that its boiling temperature is higher. It also has an universal application - it can be used for baking, frying, salad dressing, etc. It is also scientifically proven that absorption of most types of vegetables is better if they are seasoned with the specified fats contained in sunflower oil.

производители на олио
The sunflower oil contains:
01.Vitamin E which,

in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, has a positive effect on both the immune and the cardiovascular system;


which contributes to all cells’ functions by providing essential material for their cell membranes;

03.Saturated fatty acids

important for regulation of your vascular tone;

04.Vitamin A

necessary for the good condition of gums, teeth, hair and nails.

Storage of sunflower oil

Naturally, the beneficial influence of the oil can only be felt if stored properly - namely, keeping it in a dark, dry and cool place, far from direct sunlight and high temperature. It should also be ensured that the lid of the bottle in which it is stored is correctly closed so that it does not oxidize the content of that bottle.

Suitable for sports people and those who are highly active

The oil is a low-glycemic product, making it perfectly suited for sportsmen and people aimed to educe or maintain their body weight. The oil is also suitable for people with high levels of insulin in the blood.

Must avoid!

We urge you to avoid consumption of food containing saturated fats that is used repeatedly or is also full of toxic substances.