Unrefined oil

Here at the HM's facility, we also produce unrefined sunflower oil using a specific pressing method. Our production facilities are equipped with machines and other equipment which allow for the process to go through the following stages: seed milling, milling, conditioning, compression, oil filtration and storage.

The crude / unrefined oil is 100% sunflower oil obtained by hot pressing of raw sunflower seeds.

  • Rich in vitamin E and omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids.
  • Has from dark to amber yellow, with a remaining sludge.
  • It is intended for further processing - for refining

Quality Indicators:

Unrefined sunflower oil

Taste and Smell Organoleptic Every 27 tons Specific for Sunflower Oil
Sludge, % ISO 662:2001 Every 27 tons Up to 0.2
Colour Number Visual Every 27 tons amber yellow color
Acidity, % ISO 660:2009 Every 27 tons Up to 1,41
наливно рафинирано олио
sunflower oil
refined and raw sunflower oil see more
нерафинирано олио
sunflower oil
unrefined sunflower oil see more
рафинирано олио
sunflower oil
bottled refined sunflower oil see more
екобрикети от слънчоглед
product of sunflower husk
Eco-briquettes see more
кюспе от слънчогледови люспи
powder / expeller
sunflower expeller see more
пелети за отопление от слънчоглед
pellets for heating see more